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Dagmar's Designs & Landscapes

Where green ideas blossom!

Welcome to Dagmar's Designs & Landscapes



How does your garden grow?

From design to implementation to maintenance, Dagmar can help you bring your landscape to life.


Boutique gardens. Southern favorites. Indoor accents. Visit our Bloom Room to tour some of our transformations!


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Design Services


Design a new garden or renovate an existing space. Collaborate with our team of designers to create the ultimate in outdoor living spaces, lush indoor planters,vertical gardens and more.


  • Entryways

  • Annual and perennial gardens

  • Secret gardens

  • Herb and kitchen gardens

  • Indoor and outdoor container gardens, including unique and repurposed containers

Gardening Services


We offer a full range of customized gardening services for every season to residences and businesses in the Wilmington, NC, area.* Annual, perennial and entry bed designs*



  • Pruning

  • Fertilizing

  • Weeding (Yes...we can weed by hand!)

  • Outdoor Structures​

  • Delivery

Events & Workshops

​Create a Vertical Garden

Learn the various methods for maximizing garden space by creating custom vertical gardens.

Design a Container Garden

Look beyond the terra-cotta and ceramic pots to re-using other vessels to make one of a kind “WOW” statements for your garden. We will discuss the appropriate soils, amendments and plants, based on the containers chosen.

Build a Terrarium

Create a mini garden.  We will provide the mini-plants, soil and various amendments needed to create a unique mini world.


Let Dagmar and her team help you DESIGN your perfect space,

CREATE your ideal environment, and NURTURE your creation as your garden evolves.

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